Avengers Infinity War All Question are answered by Russo Brothers

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers

Avengers Infinity War is no doubt a awesome movie, But besides earning Billion dollars this move left some interesting Questions in our mind at the end of the movie. And we, Marvel Fan are seeking all answers of those Questions. Avengers Infinity war is smashing all the records day by day. Avengers Infinity War is a movie where MCU showed us 23 Great super heroes and One mad Titian Thanos together. In Avengers Infinity War movie left us with some interesting questions. like, WHY DIDN'T WE SEE THANOS ACQUIRE THE POWER STONE? WHAT WAS GROOT SAYING WHILE HIS DEATH etc. So lets have a look on Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers.

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers

1: Why didn't we see Thanos acquire The Power Stone?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
In the crowded plot of Avengers Infinity War movie some moment are told but not showed. Thanos's acquiring of the power stone from Xander was one of those moment. And while the director was asked why acquiring of power stone not showed in the movie? He answered that Acquiring of power stone was a very predictable moment, if the moment was showed in the movie then movie will be more lengthy that's why they removed that moment from the movie. But in the movie Guardians of the galaxy part 3 we may get some more information about the moment. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

2: Why did we see so little of The Black Order?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
Thanos is the best villain of MCU, but according to comic book all fans knows this clearly that Black Order is also a danger villain. When marvel addicted fan asked The Director Why Did We See So Little of THE BLACK ORDER? In reply he told that They wanted to keep Thanos on main focus that's why they showed Black Order little in the movie. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

3: Why were The Trailers so different to The Final Film?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
In trailer there was Hulk in Wakanda fighting scene but we didn't get Hulk in that scene or even in the end of the movie. When The Director was asked this question he replied that they had made some fake shoots for the trailer. Original draft there was Hulk but according to Joe Russo this was too much predictable. In all avengers movie Hulk always gave his awesome entry with Smashing Villain scenes in the end of all movies, if in this Avengers Infinity War movie the same scene was repeated then it maybe boring. That's why Joe Russo removed the scene from the movie. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

4: How does Avengers Infinity War fit with Avengers Age of Ultron?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
In Avengers Age of Ultron movie post credit scene we saw Thanos with Gauntlet it means Ithry already made Gauntlet for Thanos. So, that time why Asgardians didn't save Dours. In Reply of this question The Directors said that After Thor The Dark World Loki was the king of Asgard that's why the Rest Asgardians were unable to know what's going on Dours. And that time Thor was also not in Asgard. For all this reasons Thanos successfully made his Gauntlet easily. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

5: Why wasn't Hawkeye in the film?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
Hawkeye was one of the founding member of Avengers and without him Avengers is an incomplete team. So, when fans asked The Directors that why Hawkeye wasn't present in The movie Avengers Infinity War? In reply they told that this question's answer is a big Spoiler to the Marvel fans. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

6: Why didn't Thor Killed Thanos?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
In the movie there was one and only weapon The Strom Breaker, which hurt Thanos very badly. When fans asked The Directors that why Thor didn't hit Thanos's head with The Strom Breaker? In reply they said Thor wanted to show Thanos that what Thor can do? And also Thor wanted to tell Thanos that his revenge is successful. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

7: Why Did The Russos Bring Back The Red Skull?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
In Infinity War movie Red Skull was a guard of Soul Stone and this moment was totally unexpected to all Marvel fans. Some Marvel fans thought this moment was unnecessary. When Russo Brothers were attacked with this question they replied That they needed a Gate keeper of Soul Stone who have interest on Infinity Stones and known to all Marvel Fans. That's why Red Skull is in Avengers Infinity War movie. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

8: How did The Russos choose who will lived and who died?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
At the end of the movei we were totally shocked. Our favourite Superheroes were disappearing one by one. In this topic when Russo Brothers were asked that how they decided Which Superheros will be alive and which die. In Reply they told Those Superheros who died were based on storyline and those Superheros who are still alive they all are belongs to Phase 1, Original Avenger Team. Anvenger Infinity War is a part of The Movie The Avengers, so they saved Old and Original Avenger Team member. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

9: What were Groot's last word?

Avengers Infinity War All Question and answers
When all the Superheros were disappearing or dying. In that moment while Groot was disappearing he left famous and last word for Rocket "I AM GOORT". When Directors were asked what were Groot's last word they replied Teenage Groot's last word was 'DAD' means Rocket is Father of Groot. This moment was too much heart touching & surprising too. (Avengers Infinity War All Question)

These were the mostly asked questions. Hope you like the article and also let us know in the comment section Which moment of Avengers Infinity War Shocked you too much, Surprised you too much? Waiting for you comment.


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