Avengers 4 Concept art got Leaked

So guys In next year the most exciting movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers 4 is coming and we being a member of #Marvel_Fan family totally unable to control the excitement. Recently one Avengers 4 Concept art got Leaked. So In this article we will have a look on the leaked Concept art footage & also do a breakdown of that Art.

Recently Avengers 4 Concept art got Leaked and gave us more details about the movie. MCU is very serious about untitled Avengers Infinity War movie and leaving no ideas about the movie towards the fans. But where there is no ideas there is LEAK.

Let's Talk About The Concept Art:

In the concept art we can see all those Superheros who are still alive in MCU with a new look Specifically Hulk. So new look new costume make too much sense because all the Merchandise and Action Figures are ready to come in market. I think this concept art is not fake. So come with me and let's Breakdown the concept art together.

Breakdown without Spoilers:

How much time we see the art, ever time a new details is coming out and making us more excited about the movie. In this footage we can see Hulk in a totally new look, Iron Man and Captain America are ready to fight together against one mad Tiatan and much more. So let's have a look on those details one by one.

Steve Roger and Tony Satrk:

We all know that after Captain America Civil War movie Avengers team were devided into 2 Parts. One Tony Stark's (Iron Man) side and another Steve Roger's side. In Civil War Movie the saddest and strongest breakup was happed between Tony and Steve. The breakup was so strong that when Thanos's army were smashing in the earth even that Tony was thinking to call in the force of Bruce Banner instead of calling instantly. But in this Concept art we can see Them together fighting against The Mad Tiatan Thanos with some other awesome Superheros. In Avengers Infinity War movie's next draft there was a meet-up of Steve Roger and Tony Stark but Directors removed that part from the script. So most probably the part will be shown in Avengers 4.

Hulk's new look:

Avengers 4 movie is also a conclusion story of Hulk on which this is confirmed that Hulk and Bruce's personality may clash. Besically we have seen Hulk and Dr. Banner separately but when they will become together He is called Professor Hulk, a Talented Green Giant. And in this art we can see that our hulk is looking like Dr. Banner and more exciting thing is his awesome costume. So this development remind us Professor Hulk's story line on which Hulk's teen personality combined and become A Smart Hulk. So most probably we can see Smart Hulk in the Untitled Avengers Infinity War movie.

Captain Marvel:

In post credit scene of Avengers Infinity War movie we saw Nick Feury, sending a help signal to Capatin Marvel. And in this art we can see Captain Marvel without green and grey costume and also we can see her as a key Avengers which means most probably Captain Marvel will meet Rest Avengers before Avengers 4 Movie. Captain Marvel is going to be the strongest Superhero in MCU. So let's see what role will play Captain Marvel to defeat Thanos.

Where is Wasp?

In the Concept Art we can see all the mejor Character without only Wasp which means in Upcoming Movie Antman and The Wasp, Most probably The Wasp unable to survive and will disappear like other Superheros. Evangeline Lilly/The Wasp told in her recent interview that she is in Avengers 4. This means most probably The Wasp will be seen with the dead Superheros.

War Machine & Hawkeye's costume:

In this artwork we can see War Machine with a new and different armour. A armour which is more powerful than before.

And we can see Hawkeye's Dark Costume too. In the set images of Avengers 4 we can see Hawkeye in a different outfit. This maybe Hawkeye's Ronin Identity. In Ultimate Marvel Universe when Hawkeye's family was killed then Hawkeye becomes a Ronin. So most probably Hawkeye's family was also unable to survive in the death scene created by Thanos. For that reason In MCU Hawkeye may accept this identity.

More About The art:

Till now this is not certain that this Art Concept is really a official leak footage or not. But A Concept Art in which all the alive Superheros are included in Titan Planet and also with a new awesome costume is really not a normal thing. So this artwork is too tough to a Fan Artist.

So guys this is a little breakdown of leaked concept art of the Untitled movie Avengers Infinity War part 2. If I have missed anything including in this article please let me know in the comment section and also to stay updated Subscribe to our notification, follow us in social media. Link in the menu and footer section.


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