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Who is the fastest Superheros in Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC universe? Have you any idea about it? Let's come with me and have a look on this topic. Today in this article we are going to discuss ab all the Fastest SUPERHEROS in Marvel Cinematic Universe and Dc Universe. These Superheros are too fast that one of them had left Teleportation behind. For that we will discuss about top Teleporter in this list. We will include Villains too in this list. In this list we are not going to discuss on speed test we are going to discuss about fastest travellers. So guys this is Saharukh and you have logged in Marvel Fan.

List of fastest Superheros

Number 10: DR STRANGE

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Yes you heard the truth. Dr Strange is the 10th Superhero is our list based on his teleportation power not on speed. In 2016 we were introduced with Dr Stephen Strange in the movie Dr Strange. Why we listed him in 10th position because Dr Strange is sourcer supreme of earth it's mean he is the best teleporter. But we haven't seen Dr Strange to travel one planet to another so we come to know that his teleportation power is not too strong.


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Mistick's son Night Carwler in one of the fastest traveler in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Night Crawler can teleport anyone with him from one place to another. The Teleportation process of Nightcrawler is very interesting.To use teleportation power Night Crawler use to go Brainstone Dimension before reaching his destination and that's why when he use his Teleportation power we can see Brain stone effect.

Number 8: THANOS

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Thanos is not a Speed star or Teleport-er but one thing he can use perfectly and that is Space Stone for that why Thanos is called one of the best teleport-er in Marvel. Space Stone came on many hand but among them no one was the perfect user of that. Thanos visited Knowhere, Century, Vormir, Titan & Earth in only one day in the Movie Avengers Infinity War with the help of Space Stone.


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Doctor Manhattan is one of the fastest among those Superheros in Dc Universe. When Director Manhattan was disturbed he became hopeless and he left the earth. Leaving earth Doctor Manhattan went to the planet Mars. And this travelling time was ended within a Second. But Doctor Manhattan is not only a fastest traveller he can also do time travelling and matter manipulation. Which means his name should be god instead of Doctor Manhattan.


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After Captain America Winter Soldiers we saw Quick Silver in the Movie Avengers The Age of Ultron. Besically in comic Quick Silver is very fast but In that movie Marvel was unable to use mutant actor that's why Quick Silver was not as fast as comic's Quick Silver. So Marvel's Quick Silver was not so fast but he was too fast that no one could catch him. But the death scene was too disappointing because he was a Speed Star and died for bullets.

Number 5: SUPER MAN

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Core Dc fans knows that Superman is too strong and too fast. But casual fans come to know this in Justice League when Flash was coming towards Superman to approach him. Superman is literally very fast but is not as fast as Rest Fastest Superheros in DC Universe. But we everyone wants to know the result of the race between Superman and Flash in the last moment of the movie Justice League. But I want to tell you that Superman is not fast as Flash.

Number 4: SHAZAM

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In this topic every DC fans argued that who is more faster between Shazam and Superman. But I would like to tell you that Shazam is more faster than Superman as we all knew that Shazam has 6 gods power in which M denotes Marcury. It means Shazam has speed of Marcury. So basically in DC universe at first comes god and then Speed Stars. That why Shazam is faster than Superman. Now you are thinking that till now where Shazam was seen. I would like to tell you that don't think too much because Shazam is coming with a new movie.


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Silver Surfer is one of the fastest beings in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this become possible only for Garractor. Garractor made Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer can travel full universe in just some seconds which means he is faster than light. Though he is one of the fastest Speed Stars but he is very strong too. We can call Silver Surfer a teleporter too. But if Silver Surfer lost his Surf board than he is nothing. So all the power source of Silver Surfer is his surf board.


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Quick silver is very fast for that we can see a solid comparison between Flash And Quick Silver. But problem is that now Dc extended Universe and X-men Characters are all in initial phase. What means we are not introduced with their original speed yet. So in upcoming movies we can see their original speed. But Quick Silver of X-MEN Apocalypse is faster that Mack11. The strongest point is this Quick Silver can save others and himself from bullets. But Quick Silver of Age of Ultron.....

Number 1: FLASH

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Flash is the fastest Superhero that means he is too fast. And this can tell every Superhero fan. Flash is faster than all Superheros mentioned in this list. Why he is in rank 1 ? Let me explain it. Flash has the access of speed force for that Flash can move faster than teleportation. The meaning of faster than teleportation is moving into the Trans time velocity. And I don't wanna talk about comic's Flash because he is more faster than Dc's Flash. What means in upcoming movies Flash is going to be more faster.

So guys this is the list of Fastest SUPERHEROS in Marvel And Dc universe. If I have missed anything including in this article please let me know in the comment section and also to stay updated Subscribe to our notification, follow us in Instagram. Link in the menu and footer section.


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